The Future of Business

The future of business will have a focus on the environment and be considered by many as wholistic. There is a necessary change that needs to take place in our left brain society. As soon as we become aware of the right brain and female energy and we bring this into balance, there will be better adjustment in our society. The advantage of the this new economy that will start up is that it will be based on principles found in nature and this will naturally benefit from natures advantages. Nature has the distinct advantage that is over produces and has abundance. When we look to nature for our business model there will be abundance not scarcity.

One of this first places we can begin to see this change is in electric vehicles and solar panels. This is business that is based on nature. When we look to use the almost limitless resources that nature uses we can benefit from not needing to drill into the Earth and destroy fragile ecosystems. Solar panels can pick up free energy from the Sun for the next 1 billion years. This is obvious to many as the future of energy, yet many are slow to change because a current model is already in place. Change is not swift in the auto manufacturing business but Tesla is already changing the game. They have started building the first Gigafactory and it has been said that when this factory is completed it will produce more lithium batteries than all other factories in the world combined. This is a company that is looking to the new economy. They are working on natures model and will have long term success if consumers are to pick up on the change. At this time its seems likely that consumers are going to pick up on this trend because they see the long term advantages. We here at feel that this is one of the torch bearing companies that leads us out of the dark ages of oil use and into the green future. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more green updates.

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